Generic Neurontin (Gabatop) Capsule (Gabapentin)

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Postherpetic neuralgia


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Generic Neurontin (Gabatop) Capsule (Gabapentin) - 100mg

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Generic Neurontin (Gabatop) 300mg Capsule (Gabapentin)

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Generic Neurontin (Gabatop) 400mg Capsule (Gabapentin)

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Generic Neurontin (Gabatop) 600mg Tablet (Gabapentin)

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Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) (Gabapentin): About

Neurontin Capsule is known to be one of the most popular anti-epileptic drugs. This class of drugs is also referred to as anticonvulsant. This drug is known to affect the chemicals as well as the nerves present in the body that are usually responsible for seizures and pain the body.

The drug Neurontin 300 mg, 400mg or 100mg capsule is responsible for treating nerve pain in patients which are usually caused by shingles or herpes virus. This drug should not be used in patients who are below the age of 3. If you are someone who is using this drug, it is important to use it as per the prescription given by the doctor. You should check your medicine before purchasing it to see if it is in the correct form or not.


  1. Treat painful nerve disease
  2. It is used to treat seizures
  3. This medicine can be prescribed to your doctor for various reasons

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Neurontin Capsule 100 mg, 300 mg or 400 mg: Dosage

The dosage of this Neurontin Capsule medicine depends on the severity of the medical condition. It is very important to consult a doctor before prescribing this medicine and one should only take as much medicine as is prescribed by the doctor.

Neurontin Capsule: Overdose

If you’re someone who overdosed on this medicine you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Overdosing on this medicine usually has symptoms of troubled breathing associated with it. There are some side effects that can reflect at the time of the overdose, it includes:

  1. Slurred speech
  2. Drowsiness
  3. Weakness
  4. Feeling sleepy
  5. Restlessness

All these side effects are associated with overdosing of this Neurontin Capsule 300mg, 100mg or 400mg medicine and must be avoided or reported to the hospital as soon as it occurs.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose you must take it as soon as you remember it. This is true if the time to take the next dosage is not near. The upcoming dose of this medicine should be followed as per the regular schedule. There is no option to double the dosage.

If you are someone who takes gabapentin 3 times a day, do not take it for more than 12 hours as it can increase the condition of seizure. Waiting for more than 12 hours without medicine can increase the severity of seizures. If any such thing happens, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Neurontin Capsule: Precautions

  1. If you are someone who is allergic to any of the ingredients present in gabapentin or Neurontin, you should not take this medicine at all.
  2. Stop taking this drug if you have kidney disease
  3. You should not drink while consuming this medicine as it can affect the physical capacity of a human being
  4. You should not immediately stop taking this medicine as there are withdrawal symptoms associated with this medicine
  5. If you want to take antacid while consuming this Neurontin Capsule 400mg, 300mg or 100mg medication, it should be taken 2 hours before consuming this medicine.
  6. If you face any reaction because of this medicine, stop taking this medicine as soon as possible.
  7. If you are above the age of 65, the side effects of this medicine are more apparent
  8. You should not take this medicine if you are a child
  9. If you are someone who is breastfeeding or pregnant, tell your doctor about it.
  10. If any side effects such as swollen glands, fever, rashes, etc appear you should stop taking this medicine.

Neurontin Capsule: Interactions

It is very important to tell your doctor about all the present drugs taken by you. This includes recreational as well as illegal drugs. It is important for your doctor to know all the present drugs taken by a person in order to prescribe this medicine to you.

Following are the drugs that are known to interact with gabapentin, they are listed below:

  1. Drugs such as Vicodin and Morphine must be avoided while taking this medicine
  2. Mylanta, Cimetidine, Maalox MSU the avoided. These drugs are usually taken for heartburn
  3. Naproxen should be avoided if you are having gabapentin
  4. If you are someone who goes for urine tests, this drug might affect your testing results.

Interaction with Alcohol: it is recommended to regulate your alcohol intake while taking this medicine. This Neurontin Capsule 100mg, 300mg, or 400mg drug is known to improve people’s ability to stay away from alcohol and can reduce symptoms such as insomnia and people who crave for alcohol.

Other Interactions:

This drug can make a person feel drowsy which can also affect the ability for people to judge.

This drug affects the ability of a person to operate heavy machinery.

Side Effects

  1. Sometimes a bad reaction can cause itching, hives, rashes, chest infection, swelling in the face, tongue, etc.
  2. This medicine can cause signs of liver problems such as an upset stomach, yellow skin, not feeling hungry, stools of light color.
  3. Signs of kidney problems such as a change in passing urine, getting blood in the urine, gaining weight.
  4. Confusion
  5. Loss of eyesight
  6. Feeling shaky
  7. Uncontrolled eye movements
  8. Increased seizure
  9. Chilliz
  10. Sore Throat
  11. Dizziness
  12. Problems related to memory loss
  13. Feeling weak and tired
  14. Weakness

Other side effects associated with the intake of this Neurontin Capsule 600mg, 400mg, 300mg or 100mg medicine include:

Some other side effects faced by this drug include:

  1. Diarrhoea
  2. Dizziness
  3. Feeling sleepy
  4. Feeling tired
  5. Throwing up
  6. Dry mouth

The following are the side effects that occur with this medicine.


When did Neurontin Capsule go generic?

Gabapentin is a generic drug that is sold under the brand name Neurontin and was available in the year 2004.

Is gabapentin addictive?

The drug gabapentin is not addictive if taken as per the prescription given by the doctor. However, If a person takes more than the prescribed dosage of this medicine, a person can feel addicted to the medicine.

Is this drug used for anxiety?

The drug Neurontin is used to treat anxiety and is an off label treatment for the anxiety. This drug is primarily used to cure problems related to nerves but can also be used to treat anxiety.

Where to buy Neurontin medication online?

This drug is available online and can be purchased from these online websites. It is important to check the authenticity of these websites before buying Neurontin Capsule medicine from these online websites such as Smart Finil has.

Smart Finil is a genuine vendor online to buy medication. Many customers have a good experience here and trust us because we are appreciating for customers.


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