Careprost (Bimatoprost)

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Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension


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Careprost (Bimatoprost) - 3ml

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Careprost Eye Drop (Bimatoprost): About

Careprost (Bimatoprost) eye drop is the best treatment for growing eyelashes. Eyelashes are the most important feature of the face. They are necessary for beautification to the eyes. The longer and thicker are the lashes the more graceful it looks. However, it is difficult to achieve long and thick lashes. Only a few people are blessed with perfect looking lashes.

Some people are gifted with the best genes whereas some people get beautiful lashes by a healthy diet. Thick Eyelashes are the desire of each woman. However, achieving long lashes is not that easy. Most people tend to lose lashes at some point in life due to various reasons for eye care. The reason for the loss of lashes may not be the same for everyone.

Some common reasons that make the lashes thin include:

  • Trichotillomania Tangle:

Careprost (Bimatoprost) is used when people have a trichotillomania tangle. It is a mental health condition in which a person has the tendency to pull out the hair. It can vary from the hair on the face, body, or scalp. This disorder usually subsides with age. But some individuals it remains even after teenagers.

  • Thyroid Condition:

Less or more thyroid gland secretion can cause hair loss. The loss of hair is not just specific to the scalp. It can act on the body parts as well.

  • Alopecia Areata:

It is an immune disease in which the immune system damages the hair follicles. In this condition, the attacked hair follicles fall off. The entire body hair sheds off due to this disorder.

It has no cure but can be improved by Careprost (Bimatoprost).

  • Chemical Allergy to Mascara:

Mascaras are loaded with chemicals. There can be various damages to these chemicals. One of the primary reasons for the lashes to fall off is mascara. Sometimes, dust and pollution can also lead to the loss. One must stop wearing mascara.

  • Blepharitis:

In this condition, the excess bacterial growth around the eyes leads to the loss of hair follicles. The eyes also become itchy and red. There is no cure as such, however, one must try to maintain perfect eye hygiene.

  • Chemotherapy:

There are several indirect effects of Chemotherapy. It can lose the hair of the entire body. The hair follicles are affected by it majorly. It can be persistent or transient.

  • Natural Eyelash Loss:

There is a natural cycle of lashes. In one stage the lashes fall off but come back. But, fo some people the lashes do not come back at the rate they are falling. Thus leading to the loss of lashes.

What is Careprost used for?

There are many methods by which one can gain long lashes. Some people fix it by fake lashes, however, it is just a cover-up of the method and not a treatment. If you are looking for a lasting and permanent solution, then Careprost 3ml (Bimatoprost) is the way to go. It can make the lashes grow at a good rate.

You can use this drug to achieve long and attractive lashes. It does not work overnight but you will surely see the difference in a month. This serum has helped many people to get back their lashes. Just a few applications of the product at the right time can give many benefits. It can make the lashes grow thicker and much greater in volume. It is a permanent solution to get rid of falsies.

This serum contains an ophthalmic serum. It is loaded by Bimatoprost and can help in the treatment of other eye disorders. It has been permitted by the FDA. it can reduce the tension of the eyes, and help in improving ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma. Initially, the drug was helpful in curing other eye problems but its benefits in increasing lashes made it helpful as dermatological use.

How to use Careprost (Bimatoprost)?

The Careprost (Bimatoprost) solution is available as a liquid serum. It is to be applied to the upper lashes of the eyes. Just one drop before bedtime can help you gain your dream lashes. The serum comes with an applicator that helps in increasing the growth of the lashes. You can alternatively also use a mascara wand to apply this serum.

You must no use this product on your lower lashes. Wipe off the excess product as soon as it touches bare skin. Or else it can lead to excess hair growth on the face. Make sure to wash the makeup before using the serum.

Benefits of Bimatoprost Eye Drops

  • The serum can help in increasing the lashes.
  • It can also be used to combat other eye disorders.
  • The serum is helpful in decreasing the pressure of the eyes.

Careprost Bimatoprost Eye Drops Warning

  • Careprost (Bimatoprost) drugs must not be used on your own.
  • Use as per the advice of the doctor.
  • Do not use on the lower lashes.
  • Use as per the dosage is given by the doctor.

Side Effects of this Eye Drops

  • Darkening Of Eyelids
  • Dry Eye
  • Eye Irritation
  • Eye Itching
  • Eye Pain
  • Inflammation Of The Eyelid
  • Raised Spots On The Cornea Of The Eye
  • Redness Of The Eyelid
  • Blurred Vision
  • Head Pain
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Generalized Weakness
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Nausea
  • Discharge From The Eye
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive Watery Eyes


Is Careprost safe for eyelash growth?

Yes, the serum is safe to use. One must use it as per the suggestion of an expert.

Is this drop the same as Latisse?

They are used for curing various eye disorders. They have bimatoprost in them and render the same effects.

How long does a bottle of this drop last?

The bottle of Careprost (Bimatoprost) can last easily for a month or two. The usage of medicine depends on an individual.

Can I buy Bimatoprost Online?

Yes, there are many vendors from which you can buy this medication.

Does it have any side effects?

Yes, there are various side effects of Careprost. However, they can subside in a few days of application.

Is it safe to buy online?

Yes, it is safe to buy drugs online. However, check the vendor ere executing the buying.

Where to buy Careprost (Bimatoprost) online?

You can buy Careprost (Bimatoprost) from any genuine vendor like Smart Finil. It is a well-known vendor for making an online purchase of the drug. They sell only the best quality medications. Moreover, you can buy medicines from a range of generic and branded medications.

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