The Importance of Cycling Nootropics

The Importance of Cycling Nootropics - Smart Finil

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In this article, we will be talking about cycling nootropics.  The first step is understanding your nootropics. Nootropics are drugs or substances that magnify or enhance your cognitive abilities. But if the drugs are not taken in the right fashion,  it can be really frustrating. Like when someone takes supplements either to grow muscles or trim them it is very important to take them on the right time and in the right fashion. The same goes for nootropic drugs.  Like any other Drugs they have to be taken at the proper time and proper way otherwise it can be very frustrating for an individual.  Taking a nootropic properly and on the right time so that the effects of the medicine remains the same is commonly termed as the cycling of nootropics.  For people who have just started taking nootropics, cycling can be a little difficult to manage.  In this particular topic, we will be talking about nootropics and about its cycling so that by the time you start taking them, cycling becomes routine of your daily life.

What Is Supplement Cycling

We are now going to talk about what supplement cycling actually means and then we’ll get into the depth of it. Cycling is basically the act of taking the medication in the correct dose at the correct time so that the medicine works at its full efficiency.

Counterexample of how one is not supposed to take any medicine is when you taking a  nootropic like Noopept,  and you are taking it in an identical amount every single time and at the same time every day for months. This is not cycling, it is a very consistent and problematic way of taking cyclic supplements.  It causes a lot of indigestion issues.

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Cycling Nootropics

There are a proper schedule and dose for a lot of other kinds of supplements but when it comes to nootropics a daily regimen does not work well.  Nootropics do not work on full efficiency when taken in a consistent fashion.  In fact, in some cases, if continued on the same dose and regularly the effect of nootropics seems to decrease. Once your body gets used to a certain type of supplement that you are taking on a daily basis it becomes tolerant towards it and starts losing its effect.  When you’re starting a supplement your body adjusts to that supplement.  You have to keep changing the dose of the medicine so that it has the same effect on you like every time you take it. When you’re not cycling and you start taking less and less of the supplement it starts making its way directly to the central nervous system of your body.  The supplements directly impact the central nervous system.  And it is from there the medicine starts showing its effect through neurotransmitters also known as the brain chemicals.  Once the supplement hits the central nervous system it reaches to the other parts of the body through neurotransmitters which later magnifiers the effect of the medicine on your brain.

Over time your body becomes tolerant to a certain kind is of supplement that is taken on a regular basis.  But from that to happen, in case of nootropics you have to keep shaking your body so that it did not reach its tolerance level.  You have to keep shaking up your body system before it reaches that tolerance level.  This can be done by changing the quantity of the dose of the supplement in such a way that you get the same effect from the supplement every time you take it,  and this makes cycling important.

How to Cycle Nootropics

The multiple ways in which you can take a nootropic.  But it is best to consult your doctor about the timing and the dosage so that you experience the same effects all the time.  One of the ways of taking nootropic is by changing the dose of it every single time you it.  You can start by taking a mild dose in the first week and an increased dose in the next week.  Then you can cleanse your body and repeat the process.  Switching between doses helps in maintaining a balance inside the body and also makes sure that the body does not get used to a particular cycle of dose.  With this pattern of taking the medication, in a mild or heavy dose, the effect of the medication is the same in case of both the doses.

Another way of taking nootropics is by a process known as stacking.  Stacking is when you take more than one same kind of compounds in such a way that your body does not get used to just one.  How it works is that you can keep on switching between the two medications from one week to another, say in week one you are taking the nootropic 1 and in the second week you take nootropic 2 and then again take the first one in week 3 and so on.  In this way, your body does not get used to one type of drug so it cannot build tolerance towards it.  It will keep on guessing which medicine to expect the next week.

The third way of taking a  nootropic is by going through phases of not taking the supplement at all for a week or two and then go back to taking the medicine for another two weeks again.  This method can work strongly when it is combined with one of the two above mentioned methods. Even if you keep changing the dose of the supplement week after week, the is a possibility the supplement stays in your body even after weeks or months.  If this buildup happens,  it can be potentially dangerous for your body.

One of the best ways to take nootropics according to certain researchers is to take the supplement A in the first week and then take supplement B in the following two weeks and then go back to supplement A for another two weeks and then again supplement B be for 2 more weeks and then follow the next week entirely clean without taking any supplement. Once the cycle is complete you can repeat the entire process.

To avoid any kind of side effects,  tolerance,  a potentially dangerous buildup of medication inside your body or inefficiency is very important to keep changing the doses and the type of nootropics that you are taking on a regular basis. If you keep taking the same kind of drug every week, it will create tolerance inside your body and if even after weeks the drug still stays in the body, the build-up can be potentially dangerous. I have listed down three ways of taking nootropics and another way of combining the two.

Hope this small article was helpful,  but in case you looking out to buy nootropics it is better to consult your doctor and research lot about the effects of the medication and how can one take the full benefit of it.

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