Smart Pills – Easy enhancements for students and entrepreneurs

Smart Pills - Easy enhancements for students and entrepreneurs - SF

Nootropic Source Which Makes You Stay Awake

In this competitive world today, everyone wants to be the best in their fields. To be fully capable of using their resources for personal benefit is vital for individuals with the desire for success. Smart pills are the 21st century’s answer to human ability enhancement. These medically tested drugs prove to be beneficial in improving efficiency and minimizing effort.

About Smart pills

Smart pills act as a nootropics in the brain, helping to increase the ability to focus and concentrate. This helps to make a task much more accessible than before and also drastically reduces the time required. Smart pills are beneficial medications to enhance the abilities of a workforce temporarily. It can be a useful tool in many workplaces.

What are Nootropics

Nootropics are neuroenhancers, which help to improve human cognitive functioning in individuals. The nootropics are helpful tools which allow users to enhance their working capabilities temporarily. They are found as naturally occurring sources of medicines as well as synthesized by many pharmaceutical companies. These drugs are usually combined for added benefits and display their individual properties even when taken together. This practice of taking multiple enhancement medicines are known as stacking and is a common occurrence in an extremely competitive environment of today.

Why smart pills are excellent for businesses

smart pills are excellent for businesses

Many small businesses and individual entrepreneurs can benefit from the use of nootropics containing smart pills. They bring added benefits of having better mental focus, drive, attention span, and enthusiasm. It can be a supplementary drug to function as a better individual who has his goals in mind. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have a stressful lifestyle, and these drugs can help to manage it better. The overall mood and attitude of a person can be eased out upon using smart pills.

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Smart pills and students

Smart Pill and student

Just like people in business, students too, enjoy a miserable time while working for their degrees and diplomas. Many students also decide to work part-time to support their expenses. Combined with a load of getting better grades and hassles at work, students too can appreciate a little bit of focus in their lives. Smart pills are a promising solution for a generation that can get quickly distracted. This drug can help to study with your 100% focus and attention. It also works to lift the mood of an individual.


Uses of smart pills

These supplementary drugs are useful to humans in many ways. Here are some of their known features.

  • Enhances Focus

Focus is the key to success in a world full of competition. To be successful, you need to put in all of your effort and attention. These smart pills are the solution for people who cannot seem to focus. The medicine helps you to collect your thoughts and find out what motivates you.

  • Attention span

People with a short attention span are known to miss out on essential information in life. It is a characteristic trait for people who have ADHD. Attention, deficit hyperactivity disorder, is an illness that causes some behavioral issues in an individual. There are many drugs available which help to ease out the condition and fix the symptoms. Smart pills too are an effective way of increasing attention span and is known to work with individuals who have ADHD as well as healthy individuals.

  • Memory



Having a sharp and reliable memory is an absolute requirement to be successful in many businesses. With the help of smart pills, users can efficiently work to improve their memory. They can help people to remember and recall better.



  • Cognitive Performance

There are many scientific types of research which show that drugs can help to improve the cognitive development of a person. This can act as a boost in the performance of the person. Many college and university students make use of smart pills to increase their grades and overall academic output. Many students also make use of recreational drugs which are much more harmful.

  • Mood

A good mood translates to a good day. When you have high spirits, nothing can seem to bring you down. A person’s entire morale relies on their attitude during any time of the day. Smart pills are easy to administer drugs which help to combat problems life social anxiety and helps to lift the overall mood.

Common Smart Pills

Smart pills come in various chemical compositions with different benefits. There are many name brands available in the market today. Let’s have a look at some of these popular drugs.

  • Piracetam

It is one of the first medicines to be used as “Smart Pills”. The drug was developed in 1964 and has shown positive results in improving cognitive thinking and working memory at all levels.

  • Aniracetam

This is a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring drug Piracetam. It is the second most widely used drug from the racetam derivative family of enhancement medicines. It was initially developed as a drug to improve memory and learning in individuals. Many also claim that it helps in enhancing creativity.



It is one of the most commonly and widely used drug to treat problems of fluctuating sleep and daytime sleeping. It is a wakefulness-promoting drug and has earned its name as the “genius pill.” Many doctors are known to prescribe this drug to people who want to unlock their full potential. It not only helps to improve productivity during the day but also helps an individual to think better. It is one of the only smart pills that have passed clinical testing trials and is now a medically approved drug in most countries.

  • Ginsenoside Rg1

It is a naturally obtained medicine from the plant genus Panax or more commonly known as ginseng. The plant creates the molecule as a part of its metabolism. Its effects are being studied by the FDA in the USA to ensure the effectiveness of the medicine.


Smart Pills or nootropics are increasingly becoming a common sight in our society. They are starting to get accepted as a norm of performance enhancement by many people. Intensive research in the field is still necessary as the approved drugs we already have are not enough.








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